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Cuts Costs in 5 Ways!

If you are to prosper in the years ahead you will need to be cost conscious, quality concious and technologically nimble. That's why it is important to use precision crafted Cow Washer wash heads in the wash pen.

And They
Clean Better!


Cow Washer handles the worst caked-on mud, leaves cows cleaner, requiring less preperation time to help increase your bottom line.

Consider these advantages:

  • Cuts water use.
    • Saves up to 2 gallons per minute, 1000's of gallons per day, compared to other sprinklers.
  • Cuts wash time.
    • Nozzle design and rotation speed permit cleaning in 20% to 50% less time.
  • Reduces injuries
    • No guards needed. Small, round profile can't catch on cow's legs or udder.
  • Cuts maintenance
    • Can be serviced in seconds from the top, without removal from the riser. Machined parts withstand abuse, can't rust or corrode.
  • Reduces cow stress
    • Gentle fan spray of large droplets - never a hard stream - keeps cows stress-free and receptive.

Complete guidelines from dairy parlor procedures to the planning and installation of your new COW WASHER system are available within this site. All State and Federal regulation questions should be directed to your local farm agent or the USDA.


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