Cow Washer

Price List
Price list effective January 1st, 2019

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Part Number Part Description Price*
CW1993 Sprinkler:  360º Spray Pattern 75.00
CW1993-25 Sprinkler:  90º Spray Pattern 75.00
CW1993-50 Sprinkler:  180º Spray Pattern 75.00
CW354 Rebuild Kit 23.50
CW-SW Spanner Wrench:  Installation Tool, pin type 30.00
CW-1 Body: Hard Anodized 35.00
CW-2 Cap: Full Circle w/ Stainless Wear Plate 23.00
CW-3 Cup (AKA Sleeve) 9.25
CW-4 Cam: Bottom, w/ Buttons (P/N CW-8) 9.75
CW-5 Cam: Upper 8.25
CW-6 Spindle, 2 Jet w/ Nozzles 7.50
CW-8 Drive Buttons: Set of 3 1.20
CW-9 Cap: Half Circle (180º Spray Pattern) 28.00
CW-10 Cap: Quarter Circle (90º Spray Pattern) 28.00
CW-11 Rubber Washer (Seal for CW-6) 0.25
CW-12 O-Ring: Cap Seal 0.50
*All prices are in US dollars, FOB Oracle, Arizona, USA. 
Prices subject to change without notice.

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